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Another double win and podium for BAR in Asia Formula Renault with the FRD LMP3 Series!   Leave a comment

Maryland Sentinel Article – Racing for Children with Pete Olson – 18 April, 2013   Leave a comment

Maryland Sentinel Article - Racing for Children with Pete Olson - 18 April, 2013

Racing for Children with ChildFund International & Pete Olson in the 2013 Asia Formula Renault Championship

AFR 2013 Championship Livery – Pete Olson   Leave a comment

AFR 2013 Championship Livery - Pete Olson

2013 Asia Formula Renault car livery, PS Racing’s Pete Olson – sponsored by Sideways Driving Club [HK]/Drift Innovation/ChildFund International/BELL helmets

Formula Renault Speed/Gs Danger Zone – Streaming Data HUD   Leave a comment

Used TrackVision 2.2 to integrate my AIM Race Studio data with my onboard DriftInnovation camera video from a typical day of Formula Renault testing [running in brakes and checking alignment- just another walk in the park] for a nice HUD [Heads Up Display], fighter aircraft style, with a Hot Shot wave to the pit crew at 124mph.

Ferrari 458 Italia at ZIC – Right Place at the Right Time/Perks of the Job   Leave a comment

SO WE FINISH ANOTHER DAY OF TESTING, 3 drivers today, super busy, then as I’m downloading data the team office manager comes over to me and says there’s some VIP that wants me to show him how to drive the track, can I do it? I say ‘sure, no problem, let me do 5 laps and then we pit and he drives and I’ll coach riding shotgun. What kind of car is it?” He didn’t know.
So a few minutes later the guy pulls in the pits in a brand new, shiny red [of course] 560hp, 0-60mph in 3.4sec, 202mph Ferrari 458. Needless to say I jumped in the car and yelled ‘someone get me my helmet!’. Left the pits and dropped the hammer. What a fun car, far lighter and more nimble than the Lamborghini. What impressed me most of all wasn’t the incredible [and ultra smooth] acceleration, high speed, lightning fast F1 paddle shift, or the sweet music of a Ferrari V8 at 9,000rpm, but rather the handling – it handles like a race car should – quick, instant turn in response and reaction to control inputs. Unfortunately it didn’t stop as a race car should, as the brakes were a disappointment- they were a bit soft and didn’t slow the car quickly enough from about 250kph/155mph, but from what I’ve read [and heard] about the car, likely the brakes needed some maintenance as the owner seemed to have no problem taking the car onto the track. Air in the lines, worn out pads or likely both. Anyhow too bad I couldn’t make a video but there wasn’t time. What an amazing, outstanding car.

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