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Supercar Track Day Chengdu Int’l Circuit   Leave a comment

Last weekend testing and coaching at Chengdu International Circuit/”CDIC”. Description: “The Chengdu Goldenport International Circuit is built on farmland and is surrounded by lush green vistas, a perfect setting for the mid-season battle for the Championships. According to circuit officials, the long front straight (830m) was built on an old runway. With its long straight, wide corners, corner combinations and elevation changes it provides very exciting races. Total circuit length:3.367km. The circuit was built with 13 corners, 8 of them right, 4 lefts and one is a left-right chicane, running clockwise. The circuit is wide; some parts of the track are 22 meters at their widest, whilst even the narrowest sections are 12 meters wide, which allows for plenty of room for wheel-to-wheel action.”
Was testing a lamborghini murcielago a lot last Saturday, what an amazing car. 6.5L V12, 630hp@8000rpm, 340kph/211mph top speed. Sequential paddle shift 6speed, massive ceramic brakes, 85mph in 2nd gear. you come onto the straight at CDIC out of a slow chicane maybe 50mph in 2nd gear, then by the time you reach the exit kerb you are full on throttle and pressed in the seat unable to move, like taking off in a 737 times five. about 600 meters later you are down toward the end of the straight doing 250+kph/155+mph with seemingly no effort, the speedo is swinging so fast past the 250kph mark that you’d only have to wait another second for 165mph. Then you slam on the massive ceramic brakes [brake discs are bigger than the rims of most road cars], and feel a couple of Gs as you slam forward in the seat belt and drop to a more reasonable 60mph or so entering the first corner before you turn in late, get on throttle mid corner and feel a few lateral Gs as you exit T1 and build up to about 140kph/80mph by the exit. The rear comes out ever so controllably with the All Wheel Drive and Traction Control at work, just a kick of the rear at 90mph or so to let you know not to get any more aggressive on the throttle than you already are, do a bit of countersteer to correct it and off you go to 120mph before its time to brake again for the next corner. Of course, it would be more fun to turn the Traction Control off, but…then again its not my car, is it…
What a rush.

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