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Hong Kong and IRacing   Leave a comment

Been swamped this week coaching Formula Renault Japanese drivers, but off to Hong Kong tomorrow for a driver’s birthday on a Chinese Junk, high fun factor expected 🙂 Yep one of those big Chinese traditional boats. Open bar and sail around HK harbour and the islands, I’ll post the pics in a few days.

Tonight is more IRacing, I never thought I’d get hooked on games as I got bored with my various PS2, 3s etc, but this is totally different. I mean, its a ‘sim’, not a ‘game’, the most realistic driving sim i’ve ever used, with all the complications [good and bad] of having to make intricate car setup changes, etc etc.  But best of all is that you are racing real people online, forget racing against AI, this is 100x better and I HIGHLY recommend it for driving enthusiasts, when you use it you can see why there are a bunch of pro drivers on it. All you need is a half decent PC [or laptop] and a steering wheel/pedals [best is logitech]. You just download the SIM and go. I’ve had a good run so far, though I suppose I am expected to as I do this type of thing for a living 🙂

Category Starts Wins Top 5 Poles Total
Win % Top 5 % Laps
Led %
Road 15 4 5 5 96 58 26.67% 33.33% 60.42%

My IRacing user name: Peter Olson, Atlantic region

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Europe October   Leave a comment

Great news! Off to Europe in October to enhance my setup knowledge thanks to a leading F3 team. Very excited!!  Wow things have come a long way since Bridgestone. Well, off to karting. The ribs are a bit sore but that the hey, I did snap seven of them a few months ago hahaha. My recovery program is what racing orders, not the doctor.

Oh, was in Hong Kong for a couple of days this past week. Lan Kuai Fong’s Bar George, the usual. Well I was with some female company so I was a lot more restrained than the previous visit. “Work hard play hard”, or my own philosophy or so I’ve been told: Everything should be done in extremes

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