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Zhuhai Testing…back in the game   Leave a comment

Testing Formula Renault yesterday after a year of not driving…its never felt so natural before, like a video game. Maybe those 7 broken ribs and a month rehabilitating made me remember why I came out here: One mission, one goal. Was worried it’d be overwhelming after the accident but the opposite happened. Guess I trust the car finally! Its a Champ Motorsport car, the setup is like a dream, thanks to Pekka!!!! 🙂 Indeed I was taking it ‘easy’ on the brakes from 250kph, but the corner speeds were qualifying pace, on old tires, and effortless. Seems like its all coming back together. Maybe that motorbike accident 8 weeks ago was the best thing that ever happened to me, though you can’t imagine what its like to snap almost an entire side of your ribcage. The car feels so safe now. so good, nothing I can’t do in a race car.

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Chengdu photos   Leave a comment

8am-11pm Wed with car prep. Today [Thurs] 4 practice sessions, my driver, from Spain, is making great progress. Tomorrow is official practice, 2 sessions, then Sat qualify/race 1, Sunday race 2…

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Off to Chengdu tomorrow   Leave a comment

Off to Chengdu tomorrow to coach and run the AFR/Asia Formula Renault weekend. I tested on the Chengdu circuit last year, its a lot of fun with the elevation changes and long sweeping corners. Bumpy though, word is the construction of the track was rushed and they didn’t let the asphalt cure [dry] fully before putting on the next layer, and so on. The track also floods in certain spots under extended rain conditions due to inadequate drainage in some spots, so hopefully things will stay dry for the weekend. I wonder if T11 is flat in the renault? I tried it flat in testing last year in the Campus and it didn’t work out, the back end just jumped out one too many times and they had to dig me out of the gravel haha. Then I found out no one has ever made it flat in the Campus. I swear I was ‘this close’ lol

p.s. Chengdu has an excellent night life. KTV, Hooters, western sports bars, etc . We had a great time last year watching F1 at Hooters when the race weekend was finished and I had wrapped up another 200+ [no exaggeration] Motec data debriefs for the Campus racers. It was an awesome night, but highly classified. I could tell you about it but then I’d have to kill you…

Track map Chengdu International Circuit

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